International Relation Center  ( IRC ) is multi-functional company, which counts 4 years of success on international market.

We are happy to offer you 3 main directions:  tourism (IRC tour); Medical Tourism (IRC Medical Tourism) and Education (IRC Education)

Every far-framed  hospital is our partner, so if you are interested in medical tourism of Georgia, we can offer you the best service. Don’t hesitate and trust our experience. You can enjoy with the service, oriented on high quality, but on rather low price.

We offer you all kind of service such as: anaplastic surgery, plastic surgery; All inclusive dentist service, and any medical service you want to use.


You have 2 options:

  • the first one is to stay in your county and take high price medical service
  • Or the second one visit Georgia,  do all kind of tourist staff and take the best medical service ever

The main feature of this 2 choices  are the same price. So it is up to you to decide.