Hair Transplatation

Hair Transplatation



Our partner hair implantation clinic “together with the leading USA and European clinics uses the unique technology of the own hair implantation – follicle micro transplantation, perfected during the last years. During using this technology the hair transplantation is held exclusively in the form of follicle junctions, including one-three hair follicles. The follicle micro transplantation gives the best results ever and maximally natural effect.

All over the world the leading clinics of hair transplantation use only two hair transplantation methods: Strip and the sutureless (FUE) methods.

Transplantation of hair using the scrappy (Strip) method is held as an ambulatory procedure (patients do not need to be hospitalized) under the local anesthesia and includes the 4 main stages:

1.      cutting out the hairy skin scrap from the donor zone;

2.      preparation of grafts out of the cut scrap;

3.      formation of micro holes in the recipient zone;

4.      implantation of grafts in the micro holes.

If implanter is used, the items 3 and 4 of hair implantation are held as one stage – implantation.

Drawing up of the concept of the hair transplantation operation, its planning and result forecasting begins from the examining of the bald part of the head. First of all, they define the alopecia level according to the Hamilton-Norwood scale and the alopecia square is calculated. At the same time, they take into account the density and hair safety level in the places they are absent.

The next stage of the hair transplantation operation planning is assessment of the hair follicles density assessment in the donor zone. This index is calculated for 1 sm2 of skin using the trichodensitometry method.

Knowing the alopecia square and the donor hair reserve, specialists calculate the size of the hairy scrap to be cut, the significant role is played here the mobility of the donor space skin.

Before the operation stars, doctors prepare the donor space: the necessary size of hairy skin strip is cut out of the donor space. After that the patient goes to the operation room and undergoes the infiltration anesthesia of the shaven skin. Our anesthesia method gives us the possibility to avoid the nervous-blood vessels substances damage during the donor stripe cutting out and minimizes the follicle damage during the cutting process.

After the skin strip is taken the wound in the donor zone is closed by plastic operation. We use the trichophithic closure method on donor zone. Such a technique gives the possibility to make the post operational wound unnoticeable even when having short hair cut, also saves the patients from such unpleasant procedure as the post operational period removal of sutures.

The cut out hairy skin strip of the ellipse form is passed to the preparators, who prepare the necessary number of micro transplantants, containing 1-3 hair follicles. The work requires the highly professional personnel, special accuracy and correctness, in order to minimize the hair follicle damage. 

In the operation from 3 to 10 preparators participate, depending on the processed transplantants quantity.  

Micro grafts are taken using the binocular stereoscopic microscopes with increase of 20-times. The stereoscopic microscopes usage significantly decreases the follicle trauma and increases the taken grafts number, especially when having grey hair.

At the same time the surgeon prepares micro holes (nyxis) for the grafts implantation in recipient zone. These holes represent the surface micro perforations on the skin length 0,8-1,0 mm. For making micro holes is used special needles or sharp microsurgical blades. Use of such miniature instruments compared to implanters, micro bores and scalpel   decreases the tissues traumatisation level, decreases the patient’s rehabilitation period, gives the maximal density of the transplanted hair (up to 60 grafts – 138 follicles for 1sm2).

For the grafts implantation doctors use special implantation pincer, used in the most leading clinics of the world. Due to the special construction of these instruments, compared to the implanter, maximally expelled is the grafts trauma in the implantation moment.

During the grafts implantation, as well as during the micro holes formation the patient is under free moves regime – he can watch TV, listen to the music, speak on the phone, etc.

Professor T. Tamazashvili was first in the world to use the 3-assistant system of grafts implantation, this significantly decreased the implantation stage duration and the procedure as a whole, this in its turn makes it easily endurable by the patients. The average duration period of the operation is 2-5 hours, depending on the transplanted grafts number.

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