sutureless hair auto transplantation method

sutureless hair auto transplantation method

The  sutureless hair auto transplantation method

In the end of the XX- the beginning of the XXI centuries in the USA the first publications on worked out and use of the satureless hair transplantation method appeared. This method differs from the Strip method only in that it has the stage of the follicles extraction from the donor zone.

The satureless method is the method during which the follicles and micro grafts are extracted without cutting the skin, using special miniature instrument, under the optic devices control.

The method’s author is Doctor W. Rassman has called the method the “Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)”. After some time they began to call it “satureless”, “operationless”, “operation without satures”, etc.

The first automated apparatus for grafts extraction during the FUE hair transplantation method was perfected by professor T. Tamazashvili.

In the Hairline International clinic from the very beginning they successfully use the satureless method of the own hair transplantation. During one procedure we can extract about 4000 grafts!

Indications for the sutureless hair auto transplantation:

· *  androgenetic and cicatrical alopecia (any stage);

· *  correction of form and density of eyebrows, eyelashes, mustaches and barber;

· *  when deficit donor reserve on head, the method gives the possibility to extract hair follicles from barber and other parts of the body: chest, back, shoulders, etc.

· * the sutureless hair transplantation method can be used additionally to the Strip techniques during gigasessions (transplantation of 6000 and more grafts during one procedure), which gives possibility to collect micro grafts up and down the cut level and thus provide the enough number of grafts transplantation when having great alopecia level, even if the scalp in the donor space moves badly.

The sutureless hair transplantation is made in three stages: 

 1.      Extraction of the donor material; 

 2.      Formation of micro holes in the recipient zone; 

 3.      Implantation (transplantation) of micro grafts to the alopecia zone. 


The sutureless method is differed from the Strip method only in the donor material extraction technology part. The rest stages go the same way. During both methods the grafts of 1-3hairs are transplanted. Thus, both methods (FUE and Strip) give the same cosmetic effect – the transplanted hair looks absolutely natural.


Advantages of the sutureless hair transplantation method:

absence of the linear scar on the nape;

absence of the linear scar on the nape;

no need to put sutures;

possibility to transplant the hair from other parts of the body;

correct calculation of the extracted grafts of certain structure and follicles contents.

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