Mud cure

Mud cure


Methods of complex treatment of patients

On the basis of long-term experience, careful clinical and experimental supervision our partner resort offers you the differentiated methods of treatment.

  1. Technique of mud cure of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal device.
  2. Diseases of joints and backbone.

Inflammatory arthritises.

Rheumatic arthritis (infectious nonspecific infectious polyarthritis) – a system disease of a connecting fabric with primary localization of inflammatory process in joints. The illness is characterized by the steady progressing current bringing patients in efficient age to early disability.

The favorable outcome of mud cure sick rheumatoid an arthritis in many respects depends on the clinical-anatomical form of disease and degree of activity of inflammatory process. In this connection selection sick rheumatoid an arthritis for mud cure should be strict and individual, in order to avoid undesirable complications and aggravations.

Effectively passes mud cure of patients by rheumatoid polyarthritis, oligo-monoarthritis in a phase of remission or at the minimum degree of activity of pathological process with violation of function of the musculoskeletal device isn't higher than the first and second degree.

Treatment is appointed in the form of the general or local mud applications with temperature 40-42-440, with duration of procedure of 15-20 minutes. The first two applications are spent every other day, and further two-three days in a row with the next day of rest. The mud cure course depending on the general condition of the patient is defined by 12-18 procedures.

At multiple defeat of joints with success mud baths with temperature of mud solution 36-380, with duration of procedure of 15 minutes, plan of treatment of 10-15 baths are used.

For local anesthesia and biodegradable impact on inflammatory process in joints, mud cure is combined with the purposes a number of physiotherapeutic procedures among which are most often applied: ultrasound, phonophoresis hydrocortisone, electrophoresis various medicinal substances (analginum, novocaine, lithium and others), electromagnetic field of ultrahigh frequency (UVCH), microwave therapy, short-wave diathermy, ultra-violet radiation and others. No more than two joints are exposed to at the same time physiotherapeutic procedures. Depending on a condition of the patient one of above-mentioned procedures should alternate with mud cure, in case of simultaneous from appointment it is necessary to observe an interval at 3-4 o'clock after reception of mud procedure. It is recommended to appoint to plan of treatment from 10 to 15 physiotherapeutic procedures.

In a complex of treatment massage of regional muscles and the corresponding mode of movements – medical gymnastics or a mechanotherapy (a course from 15 to 20 procedures) join also.

The medical gymnastics and massage against mud cure promote restoration of function of joints and prevent development of contractures and anchylosis.

In the course of mud cure often after reception of 3-5 procedures there comes obliterated reaction which doesn't demand special treatment, is easily stopped by purpose of anti-rheumatic medicines (aspirin, Reopirin, Analginum, Butadion) and tranquilizers (Beloyd, Belaspony), without the mud cure termination.

If   balneology reaction with temperature increase of a body and activity of pathological process (balneo-pathological reaction), expediently temporary termination of mud cure and purpose of the corresponding medication therapy. Along with it within several days it is necessary to limit reception of carbohydrates and table salt. The food of the patient with rheumatic arthritis should be high-grade, containing vitamins A, В1. В2,Page.

One of important all-strengthening means at treatment of patients in Akhtal's resort is as well an aerogelio therapy – one of types of a climatic therapy.

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