Thermal Baths (Spa center)

Thermal Baths (Spa center)


The thermal spring comes from the depth of 1500 meters and its temperature is 43 degrees. It has been ascertained by the Georgian balneology institute and by the German specialists that this thermal waters is characterized by high therapeutic effectiveness during outer usage in the form of baths – during supporting movement system, peripheral neural system, dermatologic and gynecologic illnesses, and also during inner usage – during food digestion organ illness, specifically:


1. Bone-joint system illnesses (Arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis)


2. Neurological system illnesses (Neurosis, neural-circular dystonia, blood circulation problems)


3. Sugar diabetes (non insulin dependent)


4. Dermatology( Skin allergic illnesses, psoriasis)


5. Stomach-intestinal illnesses (colitis, allergies,)-(colon cleansing/therapy is conducted)


6. Invazireba/invasion (the existence of warms in children) (small scale washing out sessions are conducted)


7. Chronic Urinary-genital system illnesses (non acute forms, cystitis, prostatitisand etc…)

Thermal baths (Spa center) is equipped by German company "Craft’s” contemporary aggregates, the center has all types of massage cabinets, fitness center, swimming pool, mini-bar, procedure cabinets (Hydro massage, Charcot’s showers, Peaceful/calm baths, hydro colon therapy, and other irrigations). The center is unique due to its equipment as well as the chemical composition of thermal waters, through utilization of which are conducted procedures. The water does not contain Rhodons. In general, the center is the first in Georgia with its unique capabilities and comes in within the top 5 of the analogous centers worldwide


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