Childbirth, obesity, hypodynamia is weakening the  pelvic and vaginal muscle tone. Modern active women’s life quality determines comprehensive  health, desire of sexual sphere correction is increasing in all over the world, which indicates necessity of normalization  the sexual sphere. Restoration of initial size and shapes of Vagina, up today it was possible only with the help of surgery which requires a long-term rehabilitation.  head of MCL31 Dermablate V-SPOT HANDPIECE represents merger of advanced technology in gynecology and aesthetic medicine and aims to restore external genital and vaginal aging changes and impaired sexuality.

Opposite of surgical operations, MCL31 Dermablate with head V-SPOT HANDPIECE allows, to achieve the desired result In one procedure, safely, without special preparation and anesthesia. After the procedure, the patient returns to normal rhythm of life, period of rehabilitation 4-5 days. Vaginal rejuvenation is conducted in a special Erbium laser, German company “Asklepion Lazer Technologies”,  MCL31 Dermablate with head V-SPOT HANDPIECE witch is safe in contrast of all other lasers, with minimizing  impact on the tissues is reached maximum desired effect. 

Procedure does not requires anesthesia, is painless. The duration of the procedure 20-30 minutes.

As a result of the procedure, at the expense of enhanced collagen generation and recovery, vaginal muscles regains their initial elasticity, increases vaginal tone, recovers microcirculation and mucous returns its normal physiological condition. As a result improves erogenous zone sensitivity, Increases libido, improves clitoris and vaginal orgasm. 

Rehabilitation period, in contrast with other lasers, is 4-5 days. During this period, the patient should refrain from sexual contact,  Sauna, swimming pool and physically encumbrance.

The procedure is not conducted:

  • During the acute pelvic organs inflammatory processes
  • In case of the oncological pathology
  • Blood clotting disorders 
  • In case of diabetes Mellitus
  • Period of Pregnancy and lactation
  • After childbirth period (during 2 months)
  • Partial or total withdrawal of the uterus

Before the procedure, it is necessary to consult our clinic plastic surgeon David Gvritishvili. After procedure, all patients are given individual recommendations.