Lip Aesthetics

Lip Aesthetics

Sensitive and voluminous lips always attract attention of both genders. 

Modern plastic surgery uses several methods for correcting the shape of the lips and lip augmentation. Lip augmentation is performed by one of the two methods: using the biogradable gel and autotissiues (lip filling and auto dermal tissue). Both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

For the reconstruction of the lip different methods are applied using the auto tissues.  

Modern plastic surgery introduces bioinertive absorbable gels, hyaluronic acid,  for lip augmentation.  Hyaluronic acid is contained in the body and its additional insertion in the body does not have any contraindication.

At our partner clinics are only used modern biointertive absorbable gels for lip augmentation, manufactured by contemporary producing companies. Biopolymer, Restyline, Perlane, Martidex, Martidur, Juvederm,  Purogen. All abovementioned substances contain hyaluronic acid, which is manufactured using unique technologies and differs from other substances with its biogradable nature, absorbed by the body without causing swelling of the tissues. It does not either migrate in the tissue. The natural structure of the acid changes only by 0.5-1% after insertion into the lip. The structure, sensitivity and the movement of the lip is maintained. 

In the end it removes itself from the body without any trace. We select a gel for each patient based on the structure of the lip area.

Biogradable gels are used in 40 countries of the world. We are strongly against the usage of synthetic non-absorbable gels, which cause a number of complications and many times lead to untreatable medical conditions or deformations. 

Lip augmentation with the bio gel fillers is not considered as a surgical procedure. The gel is inserted suing a syringe and the manipulation is performed in outpatient section of the clinic.

After the procedure, the patient leaves the clinic, the results can be seen immediately after the introduction of gel, the swelling will take 2-7 days. Results in 8-12 months duration. The procedure can be repeated. 

To patients who would like to enhance lip size and maintain the outcome permanently, we offer the service of lip filling with auto tissue (lip filling and auto dermal segment).

The method uses a bodily fat, removed from the hip or abdomen area through a liposuction, which is then inserted into a lip. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia. The patient is released from the clinic in one hour after the procedure.


The negative aspect of the method is that fat tissue does not merge well with local tissues. Thus it is difficult to project how well the merging will happen and if we may have any asymmetries in the new shape of the lips. 

The tissue is obtained through an inguinal resection of upper dermal layer of the skin, which is then directly transplanted into the lips using the special channel prepared in advance.

The main advantage of the method is that it is permanent, it is safe, merges well with the tissue unlike the fat cells.

Negative side of the method is that inguinal area of resection remains with a narrow scar. 

The surgery is performed using a general or local anesthesia, depending on the emotional stability of the patient. The duration of the operation is between 30 minutes to 1 hour. After several hours the patient is released from the hospital and stays on outpatient monitoring and treatment. 


The sutures are removed in 10-12 days.

In some cases the sensitivity of the lip area may be reduced or changed.

The patient is able to go back to work on the third day from the operation. Bruising and swelling will disappear in 1-2 weeks from the operation.

Final outcome of the surgery will be evident in 1-3 months from the operation.

Physical activity does not need to be limited.